Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Upcycling ties

I've pinned quite a few upcycled tie projects on Pinterest and a few weeks ago I got my mits on some second hand ties to play around with.  The only trouble was I couldn't find any tutorials for the things I wanted to make and when I sat down and tried to work it out myself I couldn't get my head around it.

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks and clearly my brain has been working in the background as I picked up my discarded tie yesterday and suddenly I could see how to sew it together to get what I wanted!

A very functional and fetching mini pouch (yes I know I've broken my rule not to make any bag type items - I lasted less than a week ;-0 !!)

It has a large pocket at the back for a phone, then two smaller pockets on top of that - one perfect size for cards and one a bit smaller.  Then I've also added a side opening pocket for more cards or similar items - these are kept secure with an elastic tie and button.

The pouch is closed by a magnetic snap.  It works really well but did cause an issue with hiding the back of the snap on the top flap.  There is no way to hide it in the fabric as the tie is already finished in this area and the hardware makes it really difficult to attach a button.  I think I would have to go for velcro or a popper next time.

Personally I think the design is amazeballs! 

The best thing is there was loads of tie left over after the pouch was made.  So I decided to have a bash another item I'd pinned - a tie cuff.

This is very rough and ready, but again I like it and I can see with a few tweaks it would be more polished.

Sorry - can't help but get the engagement ring in!  Two and half months to go!

Now I'm on the look out for more ties with really good designs to make more!


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